Air Supply Getting Movie Biopic Treatment With ‘All Out of Love’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Air Supply may be the latest chart-topping musical act to get the big screen treatment.

Altit Media Group said it plans to make biopic about the band that will, in a nod to one of the group’s biggest hits, be entitled,  “All Out of Love: The Air Supply Story.” The film will be released in summer 2025 to celebrate Air Supply’s 50th anniversary. Filming is set to take place in Australia and the U.K. during the fourth quarter of 2024.

Air Supply found success with a series of romantic ballads. Their hits include “Here I Am,” “Lost in Love,” “The One That You Love”, “All Out of Love”, “Every Woman in the World” and “Even the Nights Are Better.” The group scored seven Top 5 singles in a row, tying the Beatles’ consecutive run, and went on to sell more than 100 million albums worldwide while playing over 5,000 shows. Members Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock have continued to tour the world

Hollywood has been on a hot streak when it comes to biopics about music legends, with recent releases like “Elvis” and “Bob Marley: One Love” scoring with audiences. Studios have announced upcoming films about the Beatles and the Bee Gees, as the popularity of the genre grows.

According to the producers, “All Out of Love: The Air Supply Story” will explore “the highs and lows of the band’s career and their rise to international fame.” It follows Russell and Hitchcock, the two founding members of Air Supply, as they pursue their musical dreams, rising from humble beginnings in Australia to a breakthrough in the United States.

Altit Media Group’s Dean Altit will produce the film, with Barry Siegel, Jesse Weiner and Julia Xu serving as executive producers.

Air Supply’s Hitchcock said, “What a great occasion to celebrate our 50th Anniversary! And a personal thrill for me to see Graham’s songs be the basis for the biopic.” Air Supply’s Russell added, “We are absolutely thrilled that the Air Supply story will now be made into a biopic and set for release in 2025, the year of our 50th anniversary. The timing is so perfect.”

Altit added, “As a fan myself, I am thrilled to bring this iconic band’s extraordinary journey to life on the big screen. With their timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Air Supply has captured the hearts of millions. The film will not only celebrate their music, but also take audiences on a captivating voyage into the world of love.”

Altit’s producing credits include “Not Without Hope” starring Zachary Levi and Josh Duhamel, “The Misfits” starring Pierce Brosnan and “The Good Neighbor” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He recently wrapped production on “Home Sweet Home Rebirth” starring Michele Morrone and Urassaya Sperbund, adapted from the popular video game franchise “Home Sweet Home.”

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