Air Supply set to play Niswonger

VAN WERT — Classic pop-rock group Air Supply will bring the Lost in Love Experience to Van Wert’s Niswonger Center at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The Australian duo made up of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock first formed in 1975, bringing the world hits like “All Out of Love” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”, and are still going strong today in their 48th year.

“We do a lot of shows and we come into town and play all these massive hit songs and people just love it,” said Russell, who shares vocal duties with Hitchcock and plays lead on guitar. “It’s going to be a great evening and especially for people that haven’t seen us before, they will get a real treat.”

Russell said that the show will get into the Air Supply catalog and that fans who have not seen them perform might be surprised to hear some songs.

“It’ll be everything for people that haven’t seen this before,” he said. ” It’s a rock and roll show and it’s kind of in your face. There will be a lot of big hit songs that they might not know them all. And then they will probably say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that was those guys,’ because we have a barrage of hits.”

Following a 30-minute break, the group will get into the more emotional side of the show, Russell said.

“They’re going to have a great live show. It’s a rock and roll show that is just excellent that they’re going to love.”

Fans should have high expectations judging by what Russell promises they will come home from the show feeling.

“They should feel like they saw the best show they’ve ever seen,” he said, “and that’s quite likely to happen. But that’s our greatest joy, is to bring people the best show they’ve ever seen.”

For now, Air Supply is working on their first album in 14 years as well as a musical set to be in production next year.

“So there’s a lot of stuff going on,” Russell said. “There’s always things going on. But our prime objective is our shows.”

The group has done over 5,300 live shows, and that is what Russell said they truly want to be remembered for. With the group’s 50th anniversary on the horizon, this might just be a warm-up.

“We don’t do much these days, but we will for the 50th,” Russell said. “We’ll be figuring what we want to do and where we want to be. It’s a milestone for any artist, I think.”

Air Supply can be found on social media and streaming services, as well as the group’s website

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