Concert Review: Air Supply Leaves Us Breathless With A Memorable Show At Resorts World Genting!


Yes, like the song “I’ll Never Get Enough Of You”, we’ll never get enough of the epic duo, Air Supply. They rocked Malaysian fans for the third time recently – and this time, despite the long hiatus, it was freaking epic! With the arena filled to the brim with both old and new Air Heads, Air Supply’s classic songs brought back memories of simpler times.

Despite the freezing cold and pouring rain at Resorts World Genting, nothing stopped thousands of Air Heads from seeing their favourite band of all time. We at Hype got the chance to see them live and all we can say is… they are most definitely true rock stars!

On Sunday night (18th December), the Arena Of Stars was met with a thunderstorm of claps and whistles as the legendary duo – Graham and Russell – strolled onto the stage. Beginning at 6pm sharp, the duo opened with “Sweet Dreams” – despite some fans still trickling in and out – because time, and Air Supply, wait for absolutely no one!

The soft rock duo’s “Lost In Love Experience Tour Live In Genting” was its last concert of 2022. Ending the tour with a bang, the duo rocked Malaysians with classics like “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”, “All Out Of Love”, “Here I Am”, “Every Woman In The World” and many more. They even introduced a brand new song called “Be Tough” which was just released a couple of weeks ago.

Because Air Supply is such a legendary band, everyone in the audience knew the words to each of their smash hits. The arena was filled with echoes of fans singing along to every single word. Russell, the lead singer, even gave several short pauses to let fans take over. The crowd, in turn, displayed a sea of lights to show support and love for the two rock stars.

There were times when Russell suddenly walked off stage to take a tea break – according to Graham – because he had sung all the high notes. So Graham took over and entertained the audience with guitar-smacking songs and even played one of his own tracks, “G’s Spot”. The guitarist even recited a beautiful poem on stage by memory, asking the audience to appreciate the ones they love.

Despite the fans shouting “Encore!” and “We want more!”, the rock duo ended their performance after a quick 1-hour 40-minute show. After 130 shows this year alone, Russell and Graham congratulated and thanked every team member, both backstage and on stage, showing utmost appreciation. Not forgetting the most important people of all – the fans – as the band thanked the audience for being there.

All in all, the experience was definitely one you wouldn’t forget. Hearing and seeing legendary singers who have remained active for almost 50 years is an experience that would remain in the minds and hearts of fans. We definitely will never get enough of Air Supply!

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