Niagara, NY Concert Review!


Seneca Niagara Casino the night of November 25,2023 had one of the most iconic 80’s bands in their event center. Air Supply has been around 50 years,with a long history of thousands of shows around the world. The Casino Event Center was a sold out show from what i could tell, with even fans standing to watch the show. Seeing them for the 4th time and covering their show twice was not anything i’d pass up if given the chance again.

AIR SUPPLY:Close your eyes and let the melodies of Air Supply transport you to a time when love was all-consuming and emotions soared like never before. With their signature rock sound, Air Supply has captivated audiences for decades with romance and heartfelt ballads that stand the test of time.
Founded by the iconic Australian duo, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, Air Supply’s music is an enchanting blend of perfect vocals, tender lyrics, and harmonies that have become the backdrop to countless love stories around the world. Whether you’re reminiscing about past relationships or falling in love all over again, Air Supply’s music effortlessly taps into your deepest emotions.
From chart-topping hits like “Lost in Love” and “All Out of Love” to lesser-known gems that touch your soul, Air Supply’s discography offers a musical journey that paints vivid pictures of love’s triumphs and heartaches. Russell Hitchcock, Graham Russell the duo has come together to create an emotional tapestry that has resonated with fans for many generations. And will continue to do so as long as they can. Graham says him and Russell has never even had an arguement in all the years of sharing the stage together.

With 50 years in the music industry, Air Supply continues to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing live performances. Their concerts are certainly a cherished experience, each song brings you right back, reverberating through the air and leaving no heart untouched. Whether in an intimate theater or a grand arena, the raw passion and undeniable chemistry between the duo make it clear why Air Supply’s music has stood the test of time.
So, let yourself be embraced by the timeless allure of Air Supply. Whether you’re rekindling old memories or creating new ones, their music is the perfect companion for moments filled with tenderness, passion, and profound emotions. Turn up the volume, let the music fill the air, and let Air Supply serenade your heart, reminding you that love is an eternal force that truly moves us all.

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